Foresty folk jazz - a concoction of Scandinavian folk music and modern jazz. Oknytt's debut album 'Något om en björk' ('Something about a birch tree') is a collection of stories about the nature, the climate crisis and troubles of the big world from the perspective of the seemingly small individual.

To my friend and fellow flower-lover Rosie-Lea Sparkle.

To my dad.

Something about a birch, a bicycle & an old man's hat (and us).

Rebecka Edlund - music & lyrics, voice
Sebastian Norén - guitar, mandolin, harmonica
Ölme Ulmestrand - bass
Isidor Abdelkader - percussion
Mix & master - Christoffer Wallin, at LP Studio in Malmö
Album art & design - Rebecka Edlund
Label - Rebecka Aurora